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Electrotherapy Solutions in the West Jordan, UT Area

Electrotherapy at Back2Relief Chiropractic

If you’ve recently been in an auto collision in West Jordan, UT or the surrounding areas, Back2Relief Chiropractic offers electrotherapy to help effectively relieve pain and help the body heal from the inside-out. If you’re like many of our patients, you may be asking yourself, “what is electrotherapy, and how can it help me?” For starters, an electrotherapy is a treatment option utilizing the electric currents that pass through the body and stimulate nerves and muscles. This stimulation works to relieve pain by relaxing muscle spasms, increasing local blood circulation, improving the overall range of motion, and much more. As a wonderful form of physical therapy, electrotherapy is often a crucial component of addressing pain following an auto collision. Call one of our four convenient locations today to see if you’re a candidate for electrotherapy at our auto injury clinic.

How Does Electrotherapy Work?

Though the name may sound intimidating, electrotherapy is a safe and effective treatment option used to reduce pain, stimulate muscle contractions, and speed up the healing process following an auto accident. To start the process, our professional team will carefully apply an electrotherapy device directly to your problem area. The electrical stimulation that comes from the device will work to block the transmission of pain signals along nerves, preventing them from reaching the brain. By using the science of electric stimulation, our team can repair tissue, promote bone growth, and much more through non-invasive electrical energy to trigger the release of natural painkillers (endorphins) within the body.

Electrotherapy Benefits Explained

If you are currently suffering from relentless nerve and muscle pain as a result of a car accident, electrotherapy treatment offers a wide range of benefits. This solution is one we recommend to our patients for the following reasons:

Targeted relief

Unlike other pain-relieving methods, such as medication, electrotherapy doesn’t need to affect the entire body to relieve pain. Instead, electrotherapy treatment works to target the distinct area and actual source of a person’s pain. When we can focus all the pain-relieving power on one target area, we have a better chance of addressing localized discomfort head-on.

Addresses the root cause of pain

Chiropractic electrotherapy helps address the root cause of pain following an auto accident. This non-invasive therapy penetrates damaged tissue within the body and helps to alleviate the underlying causes of strains and sprains significantly. If you’re dealing with aching joints and muscles after a collision, electrotherapy treatments at Back2Relief Chiropractic can help to reduce underlying tightness, so you don’t have to go another day suffering through chronic pain.

Nontoxic and non-addictive

One of the best things about offering hands-on, natural services is that we do not need to prescribe patients any potentially toxic or addictive medications to relieve their pain. Due to the current opioid epidemic sweeping the nation, our team is happy to offer our patients a safer alternative. It has been well-recorded that taking long-term medication to subside pain can adversely affect the body. With electrotherapy treatment, however, there are no toxic elements involved, and this treatment-type has been used for centuries to relieve all kinds of pain.

Use when you need it

Unlike pain medications you take every day even if it does not work to rid the body of pain, electrotherapy for pain relief can be used only when necessary. Electrotherapy treatment is best for those who wish to manage their pain in their time and in their own way without the need to swallow a pain pill as often as the doctor recommends. Better yet, you won’t only feel relief for as long as the medicine can stay in your system, as electrotherapy delivers lasting results in as little as one treatment.

A versatile solution

Depending on the seriousness of your collision, you could be suffering from sprain, strain, fractures, broken bones, postoperative pain, migraines, and much more. Luckily, chiropractic electrotherapy treatment is a highly-flexible pain management solution that can be used to provide lasting relief to any of these issues. Our electrotherapy option allows patients to obtain pain relief on multiple locations of the body through one comprehensive device.

What Does Electrotherapy Treatment Feel Like?

We get asked this question a lot since many people are under the impression that this treatment will produce a stinging type of electric shock. This is not the case! Electrotherapy is completely painless, and many patients describe the sensation merely feeling like a tingly massage. The process is quite relaxing, and the relief you feel afterward will be well-worth confronting any fears regarding the treatment. If you have additional concerns about the electrotherapy treatment process, our trained professionals here at Back2Relief Chiropractic would be happy to put your pain and worries to rest with this non-invasive, painless, and revolutionary pain management option.

Contact Back2Relief Chiropractic Today to Treat Your Collision Pain with Electrotherapy!